Don't hate on the Pilot! My (now) husband and I drove from SW Florida to Seattle over six days in his 2007 Pilot. The first day we drove straight to Houston (about 16 hours of driving) and the Pilot didn't care one bit. It performed the whole trip without skipping a beat. And not only did it take us, but it was also… » 10/27/14 7:20pm Monday 7:20pm

So why make all the walls screens of the outside? Why not just make larger than the current windows out of the screens (because current windows are damn tiny). Then you have the added benefits, as the article points out, of a thinner fuselage with wider seats and the weight and fuel savings. Plus if you don't want it,… » 10/27/14 7:09pm Monday 7:09pm

When I found out about the recall, I told my husband to call the dealer since even though we live in Seattle, his Pilot was purchased and spent pretty much all its life in Florida before he moved out here. The dealer confirmed it was a part of the recall, but said they won't do anything until he gets a damn letter… » 10/22/14 7:02pm 10/22/14 7:02pm